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King Bob – Part 1

Jan 31

Life on the CatFarm: Bob the cat makes his premiere video, in which he declares himself king.

Bowling Anyone?

Jan 16

Madrone took bowling lessons in November and December, and then he took me down to throw a few balls during my holiday break. I’m hooked! Mom and I named our little team the “Hop Shots” – and both she and I have a little “hop” in our approach. I feel like this is a healthy, happy activity that is quickly turning into an obsession. I now have my own little ten pound pink bowling ball, as well as my own shoes, bag, ball cleaner, towel, and see saw. When I had my ball drilled at Boardwalk Bowl, the guy even watched me make my first two throws (gutters) and gave me some tips. So now (including tips from Madrone), I know to: be aware of where exactly I start, try a four-step approach, swing the ball down on step two, don’t push the ball (let the swing set it on its course), try not to dip my right shoulder, bend my left knee, move my right hip out of the way for the forward swing, move my right foot behind my left foot for the release, reach forward and follow through, aim for the arrows (not the pins) and adjust accordingly), change my pivot point (starting point) if I want the ball to go further left or right of where I want it to end up, and do a little wiggle to help the pins all fall down. Dave, the guy who drilled my ball said I had a nice little spin on the ball and then gave me a few encouraging tips just as I was about to make my third throw with the new ball. How did it work out? See the video below.

Hedge the dog

Jan 15

Hedge is truly my baby, and it turns out he’s a total dog-cat. He plays fetch, he eats his own barf, he can’t stay out of other cat’s butts (sniff, sniff), and his morning routine is to wait until I get up and then ROLL ROLL ROLL on the spot where my butt has been planted all night long. God bless the sweet and quirky babies in our lives.