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Cayman “Yummy”

Oct 27

A quick look at our trip to Grand Cayman. Video and audio by yours truly (yep, I made the Yummy song – you know you love it). Hope you enjoy!

Sting Ray City!

Oct 24

We had a great time traveling through the Caribbean over the last ten days. Much MUCH thanks to Madrone’s dad, Dennis, who had the tough job of babysitting our pride of kitties. They are not easy to wrangle and keep satisfied, fed, and litter-box cleaned, but he did a great job. He was also our ride to and from the airport in San Jose, even though he lives in Watsonville! We have no idea how we’re going to properly thank him, but he deserves big kudos for braving the duty for a week and a half!

Pictures of our trip to Sting Ray City in the Cayman Islands are in this post. Cayman is simply lovely and I’m so thankful we made it to Grand Cayman on our way to my friend Kimberlee Brown’s wedding in the Dominican Republic. To our surprise, our friend (and Diva) Shirley Madsen was on a cruise in the Caribbean at the same time as we were, and we ended up meeting up on Grand Cayman and able to spend the day together in Sting Ray City on the ONE day her cruise liner was docked in Georgetown, Grand Cayman! What an amazing coincidence and an amazing day! Below are the photos, have fun browsing – and keep in mind that it’s 1 year of good luck to kiss a sting ray (and good luck for life to french kiss one)!

The Journey

Oct 20

Just a short film we made the day we arrived on Grand Cayman. Artistic, cheesy, tragic, beautiful… what does this film mean to you?