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Benihana & Appendicitis

Aug 25

Lauren’s 19th birthday was last weekend! Oh my, how time flies! We all went to Benihana’s to celebrate. It was nice to have the whole family there, including Armida, Tim, and even Auntie Lynne and Uncle Howie showed up! The bill is always astronomical, but the entertainment (and food) is well worth it. I think our bill was over $600 this round (wha?? yep!). I’ve been to Benihana so many times in the last two months, and had been there only a couple of days before in celebration of another friend’s birthday (Shelly Renee). Below, you’ll see the photos of our evening there for Lauren’s birthday, and a few other photos of my recent birthday celebrations there (with Diva Renita Kilgore and her beautiful daughter Isabella, our dear high school / life long friend Elaine, and one with Divas Shelly Renee and her “seester” Victoria).

Odd thing about the timing of this most recent visit, Nathan’s appendix decided it was time to check out only a few days after he got home. He was in surgery last night at midnight, and made it safely to recovery by around 2am. I don’t think anyone in the family slept last night. Even my youngest kitten, Marmalade was so weirded out last night and worried (?) she PEED on me TWICE while I was trying to get a few hours of sleep in. All seems back to normal now, and Nathan did very well – he will be coming home either today or tomorrow (and we need to find a gift for him – the family tradition for hospital visits). I can’t help but wonder, though – at one point after our meal, we made “glunker stew” for Nathan and I dared him to eat it. Green tea ice cream, rice, asian ginger sauce, chocolate ice cream, chicken bits, etc. It was SO gross – could it be that the glunker stew caused his appendix to say “LATER”? Do we finally have an answer to the age old question “what causes appendicitis?”