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Club Uke!

Aug 24

OK, Mom and I are ready to start our own little ukulele club! Kukana’s Kookie Ukers or something like that. We’re setting up dates and times (once a month) with the Willow Glen Coffee Roasting Company and totally look forward to spending more time “uke”ing with friends and anyone else interested in getting involved with two crazy gals who are crazy for music. After the last two meetings with the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz, we’re so ready for this! I really am thankful that Mom got me into all of this – and I even have met (now a few people) who recognize me from my silly little Baritone ukulele videos on YouTube. That’s another project I’ll need to undertake soon – putting up a YouTube site that is strictly for ukulele (as opposed to posting everything under the sun).

One of the people I’ve met through the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz is Jeff. He has a great blog that’s made for those of us who love to play the larger (Baritone) ukuleles. Check him out at:

Here are a few pics from the last couple of UCSC meetings, you’ll see Jeff and me showing off our Baritone’s. I have no idea why the picture from the first meeting turned out so crispy and surreal, but the other pictures are cool too – even if they are overexposed and a bit too grainy. Click each image to be taken to the larger, full version of the photo. Happy uke-ing!

Six Inside

Aug 24

Well, we tried taking in another kitty – Cinder, the beautiful blue-eyed stray kitty we’ve been feeding in our back yard for a while. He is one of the only outdoor strays that would let us touch him (some), so when we finally trapped him and got him fixed, we decided to try to integrate him into our indoor “pride”.

After a couple of weeks, plenty of love and nurturing (and plenty of swats and scratches), it just wasn’t quite working out as we had hoped. The outdoor kitties he used to hang with missed him, and Perci, our beautiful eldest girl was so stressed out, she popped an ulcer on her tongue! We decided that six indoor kitties is quite enough, and let Cinder back outside. He and his outdoor buddies (Minky and Smokey) are all buddies again and Cinder even lets us pet him still while we are feeding him.