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Jul 31

Stray kittens, Hedge and Marmalade (formerly “Spark”) we rescued, playing together after coming home from the vet appointment. When we discovered Spark was a girl (which is rare for an orange Tabby), we changed her name. She’s now Marmalade (named by Maddie). These two are so awesome, and sleep with us every night. <3

Cat Farm

Jul 30

Watsonville is some kind of cat farm. We keep rescuing cats and getting them fixed and placed in homes (usually ours), but the neighbors seem to keep making more for us to help. I swear, there must be a cat factory on our street. Here is e latest, Sparky … So named because his ears and whiskers look a little singed.

Susie’s Moment

Jul 28

We had An amazing time at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz tonight. Mom even got up on stage in front of everyone with her old 1967 Bathhouse Brass (super kazoo) to perform Stars & Stripes Forever. What a ham! Ever wonder where I get it from? She’s the best ever! ♥