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The Preview

Jun 20

Here’s a preview of our day yesterday. We took Nathan to the Scottish Renaissance Festival at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds (or he took us). I love having a renfaire in my town – it’s so much easier than driving four hours each way just to attend one! The full video will come soon, but here’s a sneak peek!

Birthday Kalimba

Jun 19

Here’s the amazing Kalimba Madrone got me for my birthday. That guy is incredible and knows me so well. I’m totally in love with this instrument! It sounds much more beautiful in person, as it resonates and hums each note… My first day with this little African music maker and I’m in love with it! I call this little tune “Wonder”.

Miss Celie’s Blues

Jun 06

This one is for my sister, Jayne, who requested I put together the ukulele chords for “Miss Celie’s Blues” (aka “Sister”) from The Color Purple. Forgive me if the chords or lyrics aren’t quite right, I had to throw this one together without sheet music. ♥

Video below of me playing/singing my arrangement. The chords can be found in my Baritone ukulele section (soprano to come soon) here.