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Think FUN

May 28

ThinkGeek is by far one of my favorite shopping sites on the internet. Whenever anyone asks “Where the heck did you get THAT?” my reply is usually

This week’s score: A Tauntaun sleeping bag, a laptop harness, and more bacon stuff (bacon soap, gummy bacon, bacon-pop)! It was my co-worker Brandon’s 30th birthday today (video posted earlier), so I’ve also included a couple of snapshots of how we decorated his office. Sorry for the low quality photos – most of these were taken with my Blackberry, with the exception of Madrone using the laptop harness – that one I grabbed from our new PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) video surveillance camera in the living room. :)

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Brandon’s 30th

May 28

I got into work around 6:15am so we could decorate Brandon’s office for his 30th birthday. We wrapped his monitors (he has 5), keyboard, mouse, drives, chair, books, pen holders, printer, and more all up in gift wrap! We even deactivated his badge so he couldn’t get into the building (or his office) without coming to Security first.