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Just Messin’

May 16

Just messin’ with the blues. I’m playing my Gregg Bennet “Samich” Baritone Ukulele, and Madrone is playing the Martin Backpack Guitar I scored earlier today at the Santa Cruz Flea Market (which smells like hippies, smoke, and patchouli).

Flea Market Fun

May 16

Flea Market Fun… After partying in Fresno Saturday, and then driving home for some more party time Saturday night, I got a text from Rebecca Jones at 5:30am, telling me to get my ass to the flea market & come see her. WTF? 5:30am?? On a Sunday???

The Blues

May 16

Just messin’ around with the blues on my baritone ukulele. I love living with a musician who doubles as my teacher and my muse!