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Over Which Rainbow?

Apr 29

Because I have no shame and am totally into entertaining myself, here it is – The version of Over the Rainbow that should have gotten me banned forever from posting ukulele videos online. Life is good: I crack me up!


Apr 29

Here’s my old 1920′s Supertone by Sears Roebuck & Company.  Harmony was owned by Sears back then, and word has it, they produced most (if not all) Supertone ukes sold by Sears at the time.  Tough to tune because of the old wooden pegs, but she’s got a bright and beautiful tone (unlike my old, worn out vocal chords).  Enjoy – and play along if you have a uke!  This version is a toned-down version from Jumpin Jim’s Gone Hollywood book.

Here Comes The Tense Face

Apr 27

Here’s a funny little video of me learning “Here Comes The Sun” on ukulele.  Check out my “tense face” as I try to muddle through the chords!