CatRant Part 2

Mar 28

Episode 2 of my new hobby, turning radio hosts into cats. In this episode, Rick and Rosie rant about lottery tickets.

CatRant Part 1

Mar 27

My new fascination – turning the radio hosts into cats. You know this is what I see in my head as I’m driving in to work anyway. Here is Episode 1 of “CatRant”. Thanks to Good Morning Monterey Bay (KSCO AM 1080 weekday morning show) for being such good sports and just letting me do what I do. Check them out live in the Monterey Bay, or listen to them streaming at

King Bob part 4

Mar 23

Yes, the King Bob saga continues. I wish I had more time to dedicate to catching the kids at the CatFarm on film, but so much is going on in my world right now. We are prepping the house for sale – it should go on the market in early April. Tara moved out, and this is Blue’s final week in Watsonville. Times are a changing! Our realtor came by for the quick tour on Sunday, and Perci highly approved. Here is a picture of Jim the Realtor going over the paperwork with Perci, to ensure she didn’t have any unanswered questions:

And now what we have all been waiting for, King Bob part 4: Archie’s birthday