Monday Crazies

Nov 19

Hi people! OK, I’ve been very busy at NetApp. So much to do for the end of year AND I’ve been blessed with another boss. Granted, I do like my bosses, but now I’m faced with the dilemma of cramming 60 hours of work into 40 (if I want to see home every once in a while). How do I do it? I have my ups and downs. And when I forget a friend’s birthday (hi Novia), NetApp comes to my rescue! <3

NetApp SpaghettiTime

Oct 27

Yet another #spaghettitime video, this time brought to you by the staff of my NetApp building 11 cafeteria staff. I love where I work and I love the people we work with!

EA Snapshot

Oct 17

Some people ask me what it’s like to be an Executive Admin for a Vice President in a high-tech Silicon Valley company. Well…