Birthday Jam

Aug 12

We had fun at Ed’s 60th birthday party on Saturday. We got to see both of Madrone’s sisters, and all of Ed’s brothers and sisters. That family is a blast, and I love his mom’s energy, Ed’s energy, Terra’s energy… but it was especially nice to see Peach and Os again. They cranked out a baby since we saw them last, and I’m very glad they were able to come up from SoCal to party with all of us. Ed’s family is cool, too! Here is just a snippet of the fun we had at the birthday party. Six brothers and sisters gathered together for the first time in 14 years to celebrate this milestone birthday. Now… where can I get a nice blues harp, so I can sound like this on harmonica?

Pea Soup Encore

Aug 11

I love going to Pea Soup Andersen’s in Santa Nella. It is only about an hour’s drive for us, and it’s just so darn tasty and fun. I roped my niece and her boyfriend into going with us this round. We met at Starbucks in Gilroy (which apparently is being remodeled?), and then we headed out for a lunchtime road trip. The bread bowl soup is amazing (and comes with all the trimmings). They were also handing out free samples of their mini brownies. The gift shop is one of my favorites, and I was able to replace my favorite water bottle (double walled for extra insulating power). We also (of course) couldn’t resist taking snapshots out front, at the Pea Soup character sign. Good stuff, this. Who wants to go with us next time?

Check that schedule

Aug 07

Or… don’t let your boss print it for you. Had to drop some buddies off at the Caltrain station this morning because they were going to San Francisco. This is what happens when I let my boss print the schedule: The train was leaving as we were pulling up (our schedule said it was leaving later) and the next train wasn’t leaving for SF for another hour. WUT?! We tried to beat the train to the next few stations, but I ended up dropping them off in the city myself. It was actually a nice morning for a drive, and San Francisco was simply beautiful! I’m lucky I had such good passengers. They are imports from Holland (visiting the US for a few weeks). Fun stuff, life… isn’t it crazy? :)