Red Apple Spaghetti

Oct 01

Yet another #SpaghetiTime moment: this time, we were at the Red Apple Cafe in Watsonville. It’s amazing how much better any food tastes when it’s Spaghetti Time. Can you believe people actually let me film stuff like this in public?

County Fair 2014

Sep 30

We had so much fun at the Santa Cruz County Fair this year. We were joined by my girlfriend Novia’s family, who had never been to any county fair before. From the bug exhibit to the super slide, this is my favorite fair to attend in the tri-county area. In under one minute, here is a clip of the fun we had:

Card Tricks

Sep 29

We spotted the REAL Romy and Michelle practicing card tricks at the beach house. It’s amazing how talented these two are at performing magic for us all to enjoy.